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Dimensional Technology Services (DTS) Program

Digital Engineering Through Dimensional Technology

Digital Twin Solution

Industrial Measurement Solutions, LLC helps all businesses not only reach, but exceed their goals. Our experience helps us lay out a strategy that perfectly fits our clients. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. IMS Dimensional Technology Services (“DTS”) has developed a proficient method to make scan data accessible through a 3D Model viewing format. Scroll down to learn more about some of our DTS Program Laser Scan Model applications below.

DTS progam model 2.png

DTS Program Features

  • Full color 3D model

  • Complete dimensional accuracy

  • Small bore piping & tubing visible

  • Tag numbers are clear and legible

  • Complete navigation functionality maintained

  • Intelligent tagging to “jump” to tagged items

  • Digital Twin with a Realistic View

DTS progam model 3.png

Laser Scan Model Applications

  • Remote Field Planning with full dimensional capabilities for greater productivity and reduced safety risk

  • Remote P&ID walk downs to avoid unnecessary safety risks with onsite personnel

  • Fully integrated model reviews for retrofit projects by appending the engineering 3D models to the scan mesh model

  • Virtual access to “smart” attributes (P&ID, line no., pipe spec, service, etc.)

  • “Smart” attributes linking Scan Model to actual documentation (P&IDs, Data Sheets, etc.)

  • Accessible through remote devices used in the field for real time editable attributes

  • Engineering and construction status provision for real time reporting defining progressing

  • Built in “Bubble views” for high resolution panoramas

  • Strongest “Sketching” capabilities for project planning and easy communication

DTS progam model 5.png

Dimensional Accuracy

Clients often approach us with a general idea of what they need. We help our clients identify dimensional errors in advance of construction, maintain planned project schedule and avoid costly turnaround delays. Using our IMS DTS Program clients can virtually “set” equipment for visual confirmation and provide as-built information so that misalignments can either be corrected or accounted for in the field construction plan. The IMS DTS Program will easily confirm if the equipment will be or has been fabricated per IFC drawings.

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