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3D Measurements

The Benefits of 3D Measurements and 3D Laser Measuring

Many companies are using 3D lasers to scan their warehouses and industrial spaces before making renovations or before adding in new equipment. 3D scanners allow for 3D laser measuring. If you are considering hiring one of these companies to take 3D measurements of your building, you may be wondering what the benefits are of this measuring option compared to more traditional measuring options. Read on to discover what the benefits are and why it can be beneficial to your company to have 3D laser measurements taken before ordering new equipment, moving equipment, or remodeling or renovating.

The biggest benefit associated with 3D laser measuring is accuracy. When you use lasers to obtain measurements and create 3D models, you are able to get more accurate and precise measurements compared to measuring by hand. This is important if you need the exact measurements. Another benefit associated with 3D measurements is that you get more than just height and length. You can see the circumference of a pipe or the exact measurements of uneven items. You also get a model, so you can see if something will fit within a specific space and how well it may fit. The final advantage to 3D laser measuring is how simple it is. Since a laser is taking the measurements, there is no risk to yourself or employees who may be getting close to hot pipes or dangerous machinery. It allows you to get the exact measurements you need without any risk or danger.

Are you looking to have 3D laser measuring done to help provide you with highly accurate, reliable, and dependable 3D measurements? Here at Industrial Measurement Solutions, LLC we can help you with all of your 3D data capturing needs. Call or email us today to start the process.

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